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About Us

As part of an international group spanning three continents, our Australian owned company began operations in 2001 and is now an industry leader in providing vehicle indicator safety products.

We provide a range of durable Loose Wheel Nut Indicators and Indicator Dust Caps, Precision Mounting Tools, and Nitrogen Tyre Inflation Tags for commercial vehicles, including those used in Mining and Engineering, Agriculture, and Transport.

With the recent mining boom and ongoing calls for increased safety standards for commercial vehicles, ensuring our customers and the wider public remain safe is our number one concern. By producing the highest quality products, we supply commercial vehicle fleets within Asia Pacific with the means to become the safest in the world.

The Checkpoint was initially complimented with the addition of Dustite and Dustite LR, that combined the function of a wheel nut indicator with a dust cap to offer the same benefit of the nut loosening indication of Checkpoint, with the additional protection from corrosion to the stud/nuts.

Overheating in the wheels due to issues with the brakes and/or bearings is a common and well known problem facing vehicle operators. To overcome this problem and to improve safety of vehicles using the products, Mike incorporated an overheating indication into the product functionality through the use of very specific polymers that would deform and melt at unacceptable or dangerous temperatures. This additional functionality of Checkpoint Safety products has been widely accepted and used throughout our worldwide customer base to great success.