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a simple detecting device for fast, easy and efficient leakage search

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The new ULTRASONIC EASY FLEX finds the leak fast, easy and efficient reducing energy costs considerably.

The detection device is "EASY" to operate without any training at all – you simply use it. A leak will produce an audible sound in the headset and even tiny leaks can be detected from 15 - 20 meters away.

The device is equipped with a goose neck allowing access to hard to reach hoses and connections. The small, light and handy ULTRASONIC EASY FLEX is delivered in a sturdy case.

Technical Specifications

Including light-weight headset with volume control:

  • Frequency range: 38 – 42 kHz
  • Maximum distance to leak (7 bar, size Ø0.5 mm): 20m
  • Battery: 9V (PP3 / 6LR61), alkaline
  • Operating time: more than 25 hours
  • Operating temperature: -10°C til +45°C
  • Weight: 270 g

Supplementary accessory

A headset with mini jack-plug and volume control os offered as supplementary accessory.


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Reduce your electricity bill

For the vast majority of industrial operations the electricity costs are substantial and even the smallest leaks in the compressed-air plant put the compressor on overtime. EASY FLEX effectively finds the leaks that are often easily repaired giving substantial energy costs savings. This makes EASY FLEX a very sound investment, that will return its worth many times.

Find the puncture fast and easy

In the garage, the new EASY FLEX is also a very useful tool. EASY FLEX detects even the smallest invisible leaks. No need for use of chemicals or the time consuming soaping in of the tyre - not to mention the laborious method using water, which means everything gets wet - including the mechanic.

Avoid costly repairs of the air suspension or brake system on truck and buses Leaks in the air suspension system on trucks, buses and SUV's usually result in replacing the pneumatic shock absorber, although it would be possible simply to repair the leak. EASY FLEX is the ideal tool for fast and easy detection of even the smallest leaks - also in side the car body.

When detecting leaks in the brake system EASY FLEX easily finds the leaks around the pressure vessel, pressure hoses, brake and distributor valves as well as the brake membranes.


This product has applications in various sectors.


Examples of applications in the field


Sizes Available

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Checkpoints® are sized by the corresponding measurement (in millimetres) across the flats of the hexagonal nut fitting. Current sizes available* include (in mm):

17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 38, 40, 41, 44, 46, 50

*Available stock levels vary for each size and colour in accordance with demand for each size. For further information or questions please contact us.

Convert your measurements with our simple calculator.


Standard Colours

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The standard colours for Checkpoint® are Fluoro Yellow and Red, however subject to stock and/or minimum order quantity, the following are also available*:

Blue, Black, Olive Grey, Green, Orange, Silver Grey, White and Solid Yellow.

*Other colours can be made available subject to a high minimum order quantity.

Olive grey
Silver grey
Solid yellow

Recommended Fitting

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It is recommended that the initial fitting out of the vehicle is done in the course of scheduled maintenance or during a roadworthiness inspection or when a wheel nut torque check is scheduled.

The wheel nuts must be torqued to the recommended value before the Checkpoints® are fitted.

The Checkpoint® should be a tight slide fit onto the wheel nut without the need for tools or any other assistance. This is also the case when there is a need to remove them.

Fit the Checkpoint® so that the raised rim of the collar is outermost from the wheel nut washer, or the profile of the wheel. This eases removal by giving a finger purchase on the collar rim of the Checkpoint® without damage.

The layout pattern used for the Checkpoint® on the wheel is of personal choice; it is often dictated by the wheel rim size and profile, and/or the PCD of the stud.

The most commonly used patterns are:

Point to point
Elephant file

Any patterned configuration may be used so long as the movement away from the set pattern of one or more of the Checkpoint® will be clearly visible on inspection.

Safe Configuration

Initial point-to-point configuration

Unsafe Configuration

DANGER - Wheel nuts have loosened!

Important Reminder

When arranging the pattern you will use as the layout for the Checkpoint® on the wheel, that should a wheel nut loosen off, the Checkpoint® pointer needs room to move to indicate that the wheel nut has moved; this is normally anti clockwise. The length of the pointer should not therefore be aligned against the wheel rim profile, which could restrict movement.


Material Grade

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Checkpoint® is manufactured from Polyethylene. This special grade is suitable for heavy-duty applications such as high load urban duty cycle service or where full axle loading is the norm.

Checkpoint® is designed to distort and melt at a vehicle hub/stud tempreture of 125 degrees centigrade. In addition for further severe operating conditions Checkpoint® have a high temp product with a distort/melt point of 135 degrees centigrade.

The material used is a virgin polymer and is UV stabilised. It is therefore dimensionally stable. The polymer does not degrade in sunlight. Checkpoint® can be cleaned using any of the available vehicle cleaning agents, detergent solutions or paraffins.

Checkpoint® are not attacked by road salts or petrochemicals. The pointer being large, it is highly visible even when coated with road or operational grime.