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a wheel nut retainer which comprises separate protective nut caps specially moulded together to form a ring that sits onto a set of wheel nuts on a commercial vehicle to help to protect and retain them

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Primary Functions

The primary functions of Safewheel™ are to:

  • Improved safety of fittings where nuts are a critical structural component, such as on vehicle wheels and industrial/commercial structures
  • Facilitates the ease of walk around and visual checks or audits to locate problems with fixtures or fittings where nuts are used as a critical component
  • Reduction in maintenance costs resulting from accurate locating of nut loosening or wheel overheating
  • Reduction in vehicle downtime
  • Improved safety and protection of nuts and bolts from corrosion and damage
  • Improved professionalism, roadworthiness and safety related company image or reputation
  • Cost effective, quick and easy solution to implement

Primary Benefits

The primary benefits of fitting Safewheel™ are:

  • Improved safety of structurally critical wheel nut fixings on vehicle wheels
  • To help to reducte maintenance time and costs
  • To improve professionalism, roadworthiness and safety of company image and reputation
  • To provide a cost effective solution to improving wheel nut security
  • Product can be re-used many times


This product has application in various sectors


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Sizes Available

We stock various sizes for this product.

Safewheel™ is for EU-spec wheel PCD, and are sized by the corresponding measurement (in millimetres) across the flats of the hexagonal nut fitting, along with a measurement (also in millimetres) of pitch circle diameter (PCD). Current sizes available* include (in mm):

  • 24mm, 205 PCD (6-Stud wheel)
  • 24mm, 245 PCD (6-Stud wheel)
  • 27mm, 205 PCD (6-Stud wheel)
  • 27mm, 245 PCD (6-Stud wheel)
  • 30mm, 275 PCD (8-Stud wheel)
  • 30mm, 335 PCD (10-Stud wheel)
  • 32mm, 275 PCD (8-Stud wheel)
  • 32mm, 335 PCD (10-Stud wheel)
  • 33mm, 275 PCD (8-Stud wheel)
  • 33mm, 335 PCD (10-Stud wheel)

* Availability depends on current stock levels, dictated by demand.

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Standard Colours

The standard* colours for all Safewheel™ sizes are Yellow, Red, Graphite, Orange and Grey however subject to a high minimum order quantity, other colours may be available. Safewheel™ 'Twin' is available in Grey, Yellow, Red and Blue.

*Stock levels can vary.


Recommended Fitting


Material Grade

Safewheel™ are manufactured in the highest quality virgin polymers and are resistant to moisture/water, road salt, oil, detergents and most other common solvents/contaminants. The material is a robust but lightweight polymer blend that produces a product with the correct rigidity and elongation for this application with a vast working temperature range of -40°C to +120°C whilst being UV stable.



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