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Wheel nut indicators and retainers are an important product for the military sector, to ensure smooth transportation of people and goods. There are numerous military organisations around the world that use Checkpoint Safety products routinely to improve efficiency and safety of operations.

The transport sector is the primary area of business which the Checkpoint® range of products originated from and developed for. It is estimated that around a third of all commercial vehicles in the UK have Checkpoint Safety products fitted. The products are shipped / fitted globally for this sector.

Over the years the wheel nut indicator and wheel nut retainer range has continuously expanded to cover almost every application that has been presented. Along with the expansion of the Checkpoint® size range, new polymer grades and new products have been developed and introduced to the market, with the view of covering every single application in both the national and international transport sectors.

The majority of customers within the transport sector can enjoy a selection of safety solutions for their specific application, budget and requirement.

Specific details of the different products can be found on the products page, where the products have been split into indicators, retainers and Indicators with a retaining function. For further explanation or any query please contact us and we will endeavour to help.