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Rough handling and heavy vibration that occurs when equipment & machinery or vehicles negotiate tough mining regions causes loose wheel nuts. There are a number of solutions available from Checkpoint Safety that have been developed with this sector in mind.

Checkpoint has found much success in recent years in the mining industry, playing a key role in maintenance procedures on mining vehicles and equipment that are running 24hours a day,7 days a week.

Checkpoint products are not only used as loosening and overheating indicators on wheels but also on vital nuts attaching hydraulic and moving components which are constantly running at high temperatures and endure a lot of strain and vibration which greatly increases the chances of nuts loosening.

For around 5 years Checkpoint Safety have been working closely with mining and fleet maintenance companies, developing maintenance and safety procedures that integrate easily with the existing Total Preventative Maintenance (TPM) measures already in place and used by the majority of companies in the mining industry to decrease the likelihood of costly vehicle repair and machine downtime.

Sales have gone from strength to strength in the mining sector and today, Checkpoint Safety products are in use throughout the globe in all of the major mining regions.

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